Fall 2018 Course Selections & Office Hours

As a new Faculty member at Saint Augustine's University, I plan to engage my students in interdisciplinary coursework that extends beyond the classroom.  My pedagogy involves online, hybrid, and flipped classroom approaches which are all appropriate for the Millennial learners.

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COMM 201: Communication Skills

This general education requirement is designed to teach techniques and strategies on the art of listening, speaking and writing effectively, especially in the public, interpersonal and small group contexts of communication.  The student will participate in learning activities that help acquire competencies in all three modes of communication.

I teach the following sections of this course on the following day


COMM 313: Introduction to public relations

The course introduces students to the professional field of public relations and its sister field of marketing.  It examines the principles, practices and issues involved in enhancing the reputation of organizations and high profile individuals and helping them communicate effectively with their target publics, both internal and external.  It looks at current examples of public relations and helps students explore the kinds of careers in this broad field, including working for agencies, businesses, nonprofits, government, sports organizations and individuals.

Office Hours

Fall 2018 Office hours

I will be holding office hours in Seby Jones 326. I strongly suggest that you sign-up for office hours via my online portal powered by You Can Book Me.

I'm available for office hours/tutoring appointments on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the following times:



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